GB’s cuddly companions

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Fudge the Floppy Dog, GB’s furry mascot, is back on sale from GB Trading! 

Fudge wears a GB-crested hoody and costs £12.30 (Code: GBG27654).

 GB Trading Manager Caroline Knowlden says ‘He makes a great gift or prize or a cuddly companion for GB members when their group meets.’

You might also like Fudge’s friends Layla the Lamb, who wears a red t-shirt, at £12.30 (GBG27661) or Popcorn the Guinea Pig, who wears a pink ribbon, at £10.95 (GBG27662).

Several of GB’s soft toys are also available in badge form. We sell both enamel shaped badges and pin badges. The enamel badges are of Fudge (£2.15, GBG02411) and Popcorn (£2.15, GBG02412). The pin badges are 65p each and are of Fudge (GBG02404), Cookie the Bear (GBG02406), Gilbert the Dog (GBG02407), Honey Bear (GBG02408), Layla (GBG02409), and Popcorn (GBG02410).

Or adults might prefer a tea towel showing Fudge and his friends to make the washing up a bit more fun! The tea towels are £5.95 (GBG0011).

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