GB?s programme is constantly being updated in order to provide lots of variety and contextually relevant material for use with the groups. Currently there are additional packs of material available for n:vestige, n:gage and n:counta, each with at least seven great new themes to explore. n:vestigate - Our Pets, Our Toys, Our Country, Our Group, Our Weather, Storytime, Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter. n:gage (set 1) - Inner Beauty, Compassion, Respect, Joy and Wisdom. n:gage (set 2) - Courage*, Patience, Encouragement, Acceptance and Loyalty *Please note: There is another booklet entitled Courage but it has a different programme content. n:counta- Safe and Sound, Fairtrade, My Family, Healthy Living, Traveller, Entertaining, and Conflict. Restricted

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