Springing into 2021

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Show your support for GB when you’re out and about with a GB face covering.

The ‘GB est.1893’ face coverings are navy and have 2 layers, a metal strip in the nose bridge to help mould it to your nose shape and adjustable ear-loops for comfort. They cost £4.95 each (GBG00154).

GB’s Trading Manager Caroline Knowlden says ‘Our face coverings are a great way to show your support for GB, for example at the supermarket, and a good talking point.’

Know someone who could do with a little treat? You could gift them one of GB’s cuddly toys to lift their spirits. Choose from Fudge the Floppy Dog who wears a GB hoody (GBG27654 - £12.30), Gilbert the Dog who wears a purple jumper (GBG27656 - £10.95), Honey Bear who wears a red jumper (GBG27658 - £10.30), Cookie Bear who wears a cream jumper (GBG27659 - £7.25), Layla the Lamb who wears a red t-shirt and comes with a free advent booklet (GBG27661 - £12.30), and Popcorn the Guinea Pig who wears a pink GB ribbon (GBG27662 - £10.95).

We love this story from one of our GB leaders. She says ‘I had a message today to say that one of our n:vestigate members who is struggling with lockdown is carrying her GB teddy everywhere with her as it makes her feel that she is safe and we are all with her.’

Our cuddly collection also features pin badges at 60p each – Fudge the Floppy Dog (GBG02404), Cookie Bear (GBG02406), Gilbert the Dog (GBG02407), Honey Bear (GBG02408), Layla the Lamb (GBG02409), and Popcorn the Guinea Pig (GBG02410). There are also enamel badges, priced at £2.15, of Fudge the Floppy Dog (GBG02411) and Popcorn the Guinea Pig (GBG02412). 

New programme resources have been written for GB groups to use at this challenging time. Living Well looks at topics like physical health, healthy eating, self-care, and rest. It also considers how God sees us and speaks into these areas of our lives. Pin badges are now available for this topic:

n:vestigate – GBA00144 – 52p

n:gage – GBA00233 – 52p

n:counta – GBA00334 – 52p

n:spire – GBA00424 – 52p.

We’re now working on a set of programme booklets to cover the period between February and March, called Approaching Easter. These will be sent out to all GB leaders soon and, again, pin badges are now available to support using them:

n:vestigate – GBA00145 – 52p

n:gage – GBA00234 – 52p

n:counta – GBA00335 – 52p

n:spire – GBA00425 – 52p.

Several of our limited edition GB@home pin badges are still available. Our generic GB@home pin badge can be given as a gift or as an award for any member who engaged with GB during any of the lockdown periods (GBA00510 – 52p each). If you’re a GB community group leader using our new Being Together programme materials, which look at issues like emotions, loss, teamwork and unity, you can purchase the matching pin badge (GBA00511 – 52p) or if you used our Christmas Countdown programme materials, looking at topics like love, peace and hope, you can purchase the matching pin badge (GBA00512 – 52p).

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