Get set for the autumn term

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Parents and GB leaders alike will soon be turning their thoughts to going back to GB.

GB leaders… why not invest in some recruitment materials to promote your group to new members? We have a range of postcards and posters available, but we really love these bookmarks – great giveaways at summer fete events or placed in hymn books or Bibles at your church. A pack of 10 costs just £1 (Code: GBR1130).

Then, once you’ve recruited your new members, check out the GB Trading website for all your uniform needs.

Many sizes are available but the sizes generally started from are:

  • n:vestigate red poloshirt, aged 5-6. Code: GBU18226 (£13.95)
  • n:gage turquoise poloshirt, aged 7-8. Code: GBU15128 (£13.95)
  • n:counta jade poloshirt, aged 11-12. Code: GBU18432 (£13.95)
  • n:spire purple poloshirt, size XS (34/36”). Code: GBU16236 (£17.50).

 And all GB members can be part of our #WeAreGB125 celebrations in 2018 to mark our 125th birthday.

Items from our red and white themed range make perfect gifts or prizes, but get shopping soon as these are special items for 2018:

  • #WeAreGB125 snappy notebook. Code: GBG00123 (£2.95)
  • #WeAreGB125 mirror ballpen. Code: GBG00125 (£1.50)
  • #WeAreGB125 pencil. Code: GBG00128 (50p)
  • #WeAreGB125 tote bag. Code: GBG00131 (£3.75).

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