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It’s the start of a new school year and the perfect time to ensure GB members are kitted out in the correct uniform.


Our uniform emphasises the four different age groups within the GB family and all GB members are required to be wearing this latest version of uniform by the end of this year, so we make a colour co-ordinated and ‘uniform’ looking approach in GB’s 125th anniversary year (2018).


GB Trading Manager Caroline Knowlden says ‘By wearing GB’s up-to-date uniform, children, young people and leaders are joining in with the Great Big family of Girls’ Brigade.’


The front of the tops for members all carry GB England & Wales’ official logo, but the back now includes the great-looking logos for our different age group sections:

n:vestigate for the 4-8s

n:gage for the 7-11s

n:counta for the 10-14s

n:spire for the 13-18s.


The boys’ uniform includes a poloshirt with an unworded GB logo on the front and the relevant programme logo on the reverse.


The leaders’ uniform includes poloshirts in a choice of colours.

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