Sharing the real Christmas story

Posted by Caroline Knowlden at

For many children, Christmas time is about getting presents, eating food and watching films on the television.

Journey to the Centre of the Christmas Pudding is a fun resource, from Arise Ministries, to engage children, aged seven to 11, in the real Christmas story – the birth of God’s Son, Jesus.

Because of its accessible language and fun approach of learning by doing, the resource has been successfully used in school lessons, after school clubs and by church groups.

And, as it’s planning time for many GB leaders and youth workers, this resource is perfect to use in the term leading up to the Christmas holidays.

It can be run as a two hour Christmas event or spread over a couple of sessions and is packed full with activities, games, craft and interactive teaching notes.

GB leaders Sue Orwin and Margaret Cock, from 1st Swallownest, say ‘We found this resource really flexible and were able to use the different activities to suit our group. We all had lots of fun journeying to the centre of the Christmas pudding.’

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